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Certification Exam Information:

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NEW! MSP Certification Toolkit - This toolkit contains helpful information to demonstrate the value of the CPCS and CPMSM certifications in your workplace

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  • Certification Program Statistics (as of January 1, 2019)
    • CPCS - 3,621 Certificants in Good Standing
    • CPMSM - 1,757 Certificants in Good Standing

Cumulative CPMSM and CPCS Annual Exam Statistics Through 2018

CPCS and CPMSM Exam Development Process Summary - Courtesy of Castle Worldwide

  • Certificant Referral Incentive Program - NAMSS strives to increase the number of certified medical services professionals in an effort to raise the awareness of their impact on healthcare settings nationwide. If you hold a NAMSS certification and have a friend or colleague who meets the eligibility requirements to sit for either the CPCS or the CPMSM exam, the Certificant Referral Incentive Program is perfect for both of you.